What is the Magic Realm?
The Magic Realm is one of the five planes of existence that make up the universe that Owasiwa resides in. It is a realm of constant, swirling change, far different from much of the stoicism of the Living and Spirit Realms. The Magic Realms perception is different for every individual that enters it. For a mage, the realm will shape itself to suit the concept(s) the mage has gained control over. This perception seems to extend as far as the mage’s individual senses reach. In the case of multiple mages and concepts within a close proximity of each other, the Magic Realm will be a wild blend of all of the concepts. To a fire mage, the world will appear to be made of fire, in forms that would seem both possible and impossible in the Living Realm. Solidified fire, liquid fire, living fire, etc, all exist as easily as anything else within the Magic Realm.

However, to a non-mage, the Magic Realm is a much harsher of a place. Whereas the Magic Realm seems to try and accommodate the arrival of a mage, it also seems to try and dominate or destroy any non-mages that arrive. Without the guidance of a mage’s concept, any and all concepts and elements are free to run wild around a non-mage. To the uninitiated, this is often called wild magic, and is viewed as pure chaos, and seeks to assimilate or oust the outsider. Often this leads to the world attacking the non-mage with extreme hostility until they are destroyed, or in rare cases, become initiated in one of the magics, and thus become accepted.

The Magic Realm is inherently tied to the Dream Realm. They are twins, always together. It is one of the reasons why some, typically those who honor older customs, will often refer to mages as Dreamwalkers. Some have described the Dream Realm as a realm controlled by the collective consciousness of beings with souls and powered by Magical Energy, whereas the Magic Realm is a realm controlled by the collective unconsciousness and powered by Magical Energy. The Magic Realm and the Dream Realm are both constructed by and produce Magical Energy in vast quantities. This is energy exists in the Living Realm and Spirit Realm as well, for it holds the non-living matter there together.

In addition to a world built upon free forming magical concepts, there are small currents of Spiritual Energy that flow through the Magic Realm. These currents are what both invite and create Magic Spirits into the Realm, souls that have chosen to feed upon both Spiritual and Magical Energies.