The Fringes are the outer most portion of the city of Oasis, beyond the Korva Rinda’t, the outer most circular road. The Fringes sit upon the sands that overlook the basin the rest of the city sits within. Because of this, the Fringes are more directly exposed to the winds of the desert, without the cooling protection of Lake Aila. The Fringes are largely lawless, only being held to the Law of Water and the Law of Road. Because the Fringes are viewed as beyond the “proper” bounds of the city, they do not receive representation in the Senate, and thus do not receive any of the benefits of the Senate’s protection. The Fringes govern themselves, splintered into a wide variety of neighborhoods, factions, and gangs, all vying for some form of control over the only resource they have access to: people who are desperate for money and a better life.

Geography, Layout, and Architecture
While the other districts of Oasis are built upon stone, the Fringes have received no such luxury. They exist upon the sands themselves, with a few patches of rock, and as such, this has shifted the district to grow outward rather than upward. There are 12 distinct sections known as the Fringes, separated by the roads that spiral out of Oasis in a spoke-wheel pattern. Each section is contained between the roads, but the roads are not a part of them. Each section is then split up into various neighborhoods as determined by the various cultural aspects.

The architecture of the Fringes is basic and primitive. Structures typically aren’t able to be built higher than two stories. Homes are typically built as tents/pavilions, adobe/cob, and rarely, sandstone. Geographically speaking, the Fringes covers just as much land as all the other districts combined.

Governance and Laws
The Fringes are only governed by the same laws that Oasis forces upon all of Owasiwa, the same two laws that were agreed upon by the Nomadic peoples and the Outlying Territories at the formation of Oasis; The Law of Water and the Law of Road.

The Law of Water states that no being may be denied access to water. In the case of the Fringes, this means that people of the Fringes are free to access the waters of Lake Aila and Lapis River.

The Law of Road states that while on one of the officially maintained roads built by Oasis, no Oasis citizen is to be harmed or deprived in any fashion. And Oasis citizens are those that live within the boundaries of the roads. This grants citizenship, and thus protection, to any who live within the Central Districts, Sky Island Districts, Inner Districts, and Outer Districts.

What this ultimately means is that those living within the Fringes are not official citizens of Oasis and are thus without the protections of the city. It also means that within the loose bounds of the Fringes, a citizen of Oasis has no protection either.

Beyond those two laws of the land, there are no unifying laws for the Fringes. The Fringes are fragmented and split among many fault lines, divided formally by the roads that branch out from Oasis and informally by cultural lines. In some parts of the Fringes, neighborhoods are self-protecting and communal, keeping the peace through unification. In others, gangs and factions have taken control and work to expand their territories through force. And still, some are entirely anarchistic, where it is simply survival of the fittest and smartest.

Cultural Aspects
The Fringes are the most diverse region of Oasis, despite not being a formal part of the city. A few of the biggest unifying experiences for the citizens of the Fringes are:
1) The vast majority of the population lives in poverty.
2) People of the Fringes have almost all either learned to protect themselves or to be protected by another, from the elements of the desert, the creatures and monsters of the desert, and the other people of the Fringes.
3) The primary economies of the Fringes are either as a) Resource Gatherers from the wilds, supplying materials to those within Oasis proper; b) service workers for those in the Outer District; c) criminality, i.e. taking resources, services, or land from others.

Technology, Magic, and Magicraft
Technology within the Fringes tends to be largely primitive, especially in comparison to the rest of Oasis. Most goods are made by hand and are mundane in nature. Hand tools and weapons made of bone, stone, glass, and common metals (copper, bronze, iron, low grade steel) are easily found.

Magicraft within the Fringes is mostly non-existent for two fundamental reasons. The first is that many of the tools and materials to work on such things are quite expensive and can be difficult to come by. And the second is that anyone who shows any particular talent at magicraft tends to be recruited by a workshop in the city, and thus given a chance at a better life.

Personal Magic use is highly prevalent in the Fringes, though typically at lower levels of strength and competency. In the Fringes, it is viewed as a tool and a method of survival. Wood is difficult to come by, so fire magics are common as sources of heat, cooking, cleaning, etc. Wind is a constant issue, so wind magic is often used to keep houses from being too breezy. Metal, stone, and other mages are often making tools to be used and sold by the people of the Fringes.

Food is one of the most difficult and troubling resources for people in the Fringes to acquire. This is largely due to their not being an official part of the city. Oasis subsidizes large amounts of the farms along the Lapis River and demands large percentages of the food crops to specifically go to the city. Remaining crops can be sold to whoever else the farmers wish, and this is typically done at a large mark up. Food is typically acquired by purchasing from markets within the Outer Districts, purchasing from the nomads that venture close to Oasis, or to go hunt and gather on one’s own.

Due to the Fringes not being a part of the city, there is no method of formal education for them. Children typically are raised in the profession of a parent or guardian, and when they are old enough to fend for themselves, they do so. This typically creates a common mindset of independence and a self-driven capacity for improvement in many of the inhabitants of the Fringes.

The Fringes has no formal healthcare facilities, which are rare even within Oasis. However, the Fringes does have seemingly more access to healthcare than Oasis, due to both the necessity of it in an unprotected region and the proximity to the nomads. Envoys living among, or visiting, the Fringes are common enough, and many of them will host Venturings to take people to the Spirit Realm for healing, and some have some direct healing abilities as well, though these are much more rare.

Finances and Economy
The inhabitants of the Fringes do not inherently receive citizenship, and therefore do not gain access to the Crystalline Mainframe. Without this, they are unable to have an account at any of the city banks, and as such, must use physical money or bartering as a source of trade. There are no banks within the Fringes, but loan sharks are highly prevalent.

Sections and Neighborhoods

These will be fleshed out In Character (IC) on a first come, first served basis by the writers playing in these areas and/or those using them in reference to character creation.

Section Jf – Unnamed, no description yet. Between Lapis River and Biksanda (road). Borders Korva Rinda’t and Outer District J and the first Farm District on the south side of the Lapis River.

Section Kf – Unnamed, no description yet. Between Biksanda and Alikta roads. Borders Korva Rinda’t and Outer District K.

Section Lf – Unnamed, no description yet. Between Alikta and Clyikrocka roads. Borders Korva Rinda’t and Outer District L.

Section Mf – Unnamed, no description yet. Between Clyikrocka and Skyatera roads. Borders Korva Rinda’t and Outer District M.

Section Nf – Unnamed, no description yet. Between Skyatera and Raishagema roads. Borders Korva Rinda’t and Outer District N.

Section Of Unnamed, no description yet. Between Raishagema and Darikta roads. Borders Korva Rinda’t and Outer District O.

Section Pf – Unnamed, no description yet. Between Darikta and Fasikinda roads. Borders Korva Rinda’t and Outer District P.

Section Qf – Unnamed, no description yet. Between Fasikinda and U’uratera roads. Borders Korva Rinda’t and Outer District Q.

Section Rf – Unnamed, no description yet. Between U’uratera and Dusirifurya roads. Borders Korva Rinda’t and Outer District R.

Section Sf – Unnamed, no description yet. Between Dusirifurya and Maniminikta roads. Borders Korva Rinda’t and Outer District S.

Section Tf – Unnamed, no description yet. Between Maniminikta and Gentreezy roads. Borders Korva Rinda’t and Outer District T.

Section Uf – Unnamed, no description yet. Between Gentreezy (road) and Lapis River. Borders Korva Rinda’t and Outer District U and the first Farm District on the north side of the Lapis River.

The Fry Pan – Neighborhood, not yet placed into a Section.