“If you find yourself stuck between a Stone Bone and a hard place, make your peace.” ~Bob the Human

Stone Bones

It is commonly believed that the many mountains of Owasiwa used to be individual peaks, disconnected, and people could travel freely around them to distant lands. But soon, these same people began to harm the mountains, carving deep into them, threatening to crumble them. So the mountains decided to protect themselves, and began to spawn many peoples and creatures. As these creatures grew overtime, the mountains also grew bigger and stronger, until the chain that surrounds Owasiwa became impassible. The Stone Bones are one of the oldest of races, and many of their stories of old reach back to when the mountains stood alone. The mountains are their ancestral home and they protect it with a ferocity often unmatched. 

Physical Appearance

Stone Bones come in a wide variety of appearances based on the mountain range they hail from. However, a few things they all share are a stout, muscular, bipedal body. They can range from about 5 foot tall to 9 foot tall based on origin. The shorter Stone Bones tend to be from the lower foothills of the mountains, with the taller ones living further up the peaks. They have large, crushing teeth for crushing stone. Their bones and nails are made up of an alloy of the various metals they’ve consumed through their lives, their muscles and skin being more akin to living stone. Their bodies are cool to the touch, and they do not have any sort of blood or similar substances. Their skin comes in the colors of the stone from where they grew up, though if they consume enough of another source of stone, they will begin changing colors to match.


Stone Bones typically have a tribal mindset with a hierarchy of cultural veneration. To them, the mountains (and by extension, stone and metal) are the most important things in their lives. They will protect their mountains with the entirety of their beings. After that, loyalty is tied to their local village and families. Beyond that, Stone Bones vary greatly depending on the village they come from, some being peaceful crafters and others being blood thirsty warriors.


Stone Bones are single sexed but have adopted many genders due to the presence of other races and culture, and these genders are often changing constantly based on the mood of the individual Stone Bone. Stone Bones reproduce by carving out a cave into the mountain chain their race hails from and entering a deep, meditative trance within it for a full season. Afterwards, a stone will appear in the cave, and must remain there, and begin growing over the course of five years. Upon reaching five years, the stone will awaken, forming a baby Stone Bone.


Stone Bones can live for many hundreds of years, and some think potentially indefinitely but this hasn’t been confirmed. Many of the eldest Stone Bones tend to become hermetic, disappearing into the mountains to produce more of their own kind but keep a distance from societies. It is quite common for new Stone Bone children to be left on doorsteps, gifted by these hermits. 


Ability to consume stone, metals, gems, minerals, etc for nourishment.
Great strength and durability for their size


Stonetongue (a common tongue among the many villages of Stone Bones)
Individual languages or dialects specific to a village or settlement