“Hearing a no faced nomad laugh while chewing on leg bone is something you don’t unsee.” Bob the Human

The Skultros are a Spawned Race, born from the Behemoth Luodo. They largely live among their nomadic village, Luodan, and are somewhat rare outside of their home. They are the care takers of the Skull-Jacks, the creatures under the protection of Luodo. Skultros are scavengers largely. They have a co-dependent relationship with the Skull-Jacks, who are predatory hunters.

The Skultros have been around since the beginning of recorded history, like many of the races. Their reputation among the other nomadic tribes is that they are a fun, free people. This was largely born from the fact that the Skultros are incredibly receptive to any offer for food, relaxation, or festivities. And the Skultros themselves would never turn anyone away for festivities they themselves hold.

Their reputation within Oasis, on the other hand, is that they are a pestersome race that thrives on trickery and thievery. This is due to their tendency to scavenge or hunt any Oasis persons who steps off the roads that grant them protection. Skultros use a wide variety of tactics to lure individuals or entire caravans away from the safety of the road so that they can be attacked without invoking the protections of the Law of the Road. And when Skultros visit or live within Oasis, they are often known for assuming things that are not locked up, bolted down, or otherwise protected are fair game for anyone.

Physical Appearance
Skultros are a bipedal, mammalian race. They stand around 4-5 feet tall, with males being on the taller end of that spectrum, females on the shorter end. The most prominent feature of them is the bare skull upon their heads, which many think is simply a mask that is put on them at birth, that they grow into and fuse with. Rather, it is a product of their spawning, and is an inherent part of their anatomy. They have eyes deep within the skull that are highly suited for night and dark vision. They do not have external ears, rather just simple holes hidden beneath the exterior portion of the skull. Their mouth is made of two layers of teeth, the first being the visible, exterior ones making up the skull, followed by the interior layer as well. Their skin is often dark hues of red or brown, and has an extremely tough, dense, leathery feel to it that prevents evaporation.

Skultros are a small, usually tightknit community. They tend to be very protective of their own, their Skull-Jacks, and their Behemoth. However, they are intensely curious beings, and are always watching, learning. They do have a tendency to try and circumvent things such as laws and culturally respected norms, largely outside of the nomadic communities. Being inherently scavengers, they do not regularly waste anything that becomes theirs, and have no qualms about asking, or simply taking, that which they think was disposed of.

Skultros practice traditional mammalian sexual reproduction. Females ovulate predominately in the season of water, giving birth in the season of wind. They give birth to litters, typically 2-6 children at a time.

Skultros are children from 0-13, when they begin to mature sexually. They stop developing mentally and physically around 20, and can live up to around 50 years of age.

Low-Light Vision – Being a predominately nocturnal race, the Skultros are well developed at seeing at night and in low light settings, as easily as others might see in the day. Their day vision is typically unhindered due to the shade on their eyes from their skulls.

Desert Adapted Skin – Thick, leathery skin helps to prevent evaporation of water, and also makes it more difficult for dull blades to pierce them.

Bone Consumption – Being scavengers, Skultros acquire the majority of their nutrition from bones, carapace, shells, hair, and other similar things. While they can eat traditional foods, doing so often leads to mild digestion issues such as gas.