Oasiwa is a world of innovation where magic is infused in technology. In this era of invention, new modes of transportation are being discovered, massive floating islands hover above the land, magic imbued crystals power new inventions, and elementalists experiment with new magical crafts everyday. Magical portals and running water are accessible to the upper class while vast trains and canal systems transport goods to lower classes.

In contrast to the magitech dominating the Oasis City capital, the outlying Nomadic Tribes are a mystical people who are devoted to the great Behemoths connected to both the land and animals. The Behemoths, spiritual and semi-divine beings, serve to keep balance in the land and preserve their unique species. The Nomadic Tribes and many of the Outer Settlements are often mistrustful of magicraft except where absolutely needed for their survival; water mages being one of these rare exceptions.

Oasiwa is home to dozens of intelligent races of mostly bi-pedal humanoids, although some are strange and bizarre beings that look nothing like humans. What Oasiwa knows to be humans are a mere primitive race that was only found to be in existence only a century ago. Most races in Oasiwa share the resemblance of various animals or with the features of the land itself, such as the Stone Bones.