My goal is to create a forum that abolishes the divides between players, content creators, and staff. I seek to achieve this by making all who join a part of creating the world through their collaborative writing. I will attempt to develop a system to facilitate this. Additionally, I seek to create a more flexible system to maintain some of the gameplay people know and love from table tops and other Forum RPs, without making it so mechanics intensive that it becomes stressful or less fun to play.

The Divide

I look to facilitate systems so that all members of the community are readily engaged in all facets of this community. This will be reflected in a wide variety of ways, the first of which will be complete transparency between staff and players. Staff discussions will be open and available to all, with the only exception being discussions centered around a potential disciplinary event. Those will be handled privately. This world is to be built for and by the players themselves. As such, players have will have extra privileges, the most impactful of which is the ability to trigger a veto. This veto would be a community wide, anonymous vote that needs to achieve 75% of those who vote in order to veto. The veto can be applied to anything that has been announced, such as new development, proposed reworks, controversial plot outcomes (i.e. Game Breaking), staff onboarding or offboarding, etc. Players are in control of their world here.


I look to learn from my many years of experience across many roleplaying platforms and build systems that are simple and easy to understand, show the character growth that many people love from these types of forums, all while allowing it to be uniquely customizable and player driven. I look to remove much of the red tape that plagues much of the heavily mechanics intensive forums. To do that, I will focus heavily on overhauling the systems of Skills, Magic, Boons (divinity/marks on other sites), and Economy, as those often tend to be the most contentious areas.

Also, I’m removing the entire concept of knowledges/lores. Entirely unnecessary for a story driven community.