6021 – Current year
5913 – Humans were discovered in a cave under the Barrens
5850 – Oasis forces reconquered the Outlying Settlements after hiring mercenaries from the Nomadic Clans, the neutrality agreement with the Nomadic Clans and Tribes begins. 
4200-5700 – Owasiwa is in an era of relative peace.
4118 – Oasis forces get ousted from the Outlying Settlements, who hired mercenaries from the Nomadic Clans to aid them.
3342 – Oasis forces begin attacking the Outlying Settlements, conquering them one by one.
2152-3000 – The majority of the Outlying Settlements begin being founded, opening up new trade sources in the region.
2021 – The Thousand Years War formally ends with both sides agreeing on formal boundaries with one another. 
812 – Under the leadership of Iyo, Nomadic forces free the captured Behemoths who lay waste to much of Oasis on their way out, triggering the Thousand Years War.
743 – Under the leadership of (name for mage member of The Three), Oasis forces begin capturing and/or killing Behemoths all through Owasiwa. 
0 – The Three defeated the The Lost One that was corrupting the water of the oasis, and founded Oasis.