Magitech, at its core, is the marriage of magic, the energy born from one’s soul, and mundane technology. Magitech is largely centralized, though not exclusive to, the use of magically imbued crystals. These crystals serve as a method of focus, control, and translation for magic. A mage uses their will, creativity, and desire to manipulate their magic to affect the world, at the cost of pushing too far and damaging their bodies and souls. A magitech user does not need to utilize their own magical energy, and the risk that comes with it, but they are limited to the control built into the magitech.


The crystals used in magitech are both naturally existing and created objects. Each crystal is imbued with a single magical concept and cannot hold others. They can be converted to other magical types, but all of the existing magical energy would need to be drained out of them first.

The naturally existing crystals can be found in areas of high concentrations of their existing concepts. For example, Wind Crystals can be found swirling about in the center of tornados and hurricanes, sunlight crystals found during the hottest seasons in the desert, etc. Some are more rare or difficult to find, but all magics have naturally existing crystals. For instance, Gravity Crystals can be found, but they are buried deep, deep into the world.

The magemade crystals can be crafted by a mage of the same concept. The mage must have a Personal Ability dedicated to the creation of the crystal in order to make them. The process is fairly straight forward, the mage focuses on using their Create ability, to summon their concept into existence. The mage condenses and compresses their created concept over and over again, until a crystal is formed. Creating a crystal in this fashion automatically imbues it with the magic’s concept.

Empty Crystals are those with no concept imbued into them. These can be created by Crystal Mages or by draining crystals of all of their imbued energy. Empty Crystals can be imbued by any concept