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Season of Peace
The first half of the season of peace brings the most mild and calm weather. Moderate temperatures, the occasional light rain, and refreshing breezes are most common. The second half of the season brings colder temperatures as the region enters winter. Snow isn’t terribly common, but does occur from time to time.

The season of peace is 99 days long, split into the 3 months (33 days each) of Iyova, after Iyo of the Three; Kiforoho, shortened to Kifo, meaning Soul Death, in an ancient dialect of Sunspeak; and Sontev, meaning Long Rest in the same tongue.

Season of Water
The season of water brings the life giving rains to the region, brought on by powerful hurricanes in the bay. During this season, the rains come in large batches of days, and flooding along the river is common, though the farms are used to that and prepared. The Viridescent Shield is battered and high flooded from the hurricanes, but it is often considered to be a season of celebration for those residents.

The season of water is 99 days long, split into the 3 months (33 days each) of Beya, after Beyabeyaga; Biya’mia, often shortened to Biya, meaning Lost Water in a forgotten tongue, believed to belong to one of the inhabitants of lake Aila before the Lost One claimed it; and Ailtwa, meaning Still Waters in the same tongue.

Season of Fire – The season of fire is the season where the sun stands high in the sky, directly over head, every hour of every day of the season. It is the hottest, most brutal time of year. Many people seek out the few water sources throughout Owasiwa and do not stray far from them. In Oasis city, the Season of Fire means a slow down of industry and toil, it is a season where many spend their time in and around Aila, finding solace in her waters.

The season of fire is 99 days long, split into the 3 months (33 days each) of Aztria, named for Azith of the Three; Jua’yeusi, often shorten to Jua, meaning Black Sun in an ancient dialect of Yaxaan; and Vidi, a derivative of the Viridian Shield from where Azith was from.

Season of Wind
The season of wind, the sun moves across the sky, east to west, and with it come the fierce winds. In the mornings, the winds come from the west, heading toward the sea, carrying cooler air. At high noon, the winds come from the frozen south, and while cool, they are the fiercest and strongest of the winds during this season. As the sun begins to set, the winds whip up from the sea, bringing the salt tinged, warmer air with them. While the winds are often a pleasant respite from the stagnant heat of the Season of Fire, they do get incredibly powerful, kicking up sand and dust. Dust storms, sand devils and extremely sudden gusts are common during this time.

The season of wind is 99 days long, split into the 3 months (33 days each) of Fliqor, after Flik of the Three; Haiz’lunak, often shortened to Haiz, meaning Dark Winds in one of the older tongues of the Stone Bones; and Zubo, after Zubora, the Stonetongue name for the great mountain range.

Season of Peace – (January, February, March irl)
-Month of Iyova (33 days)
-Month of Kiforoho/Kifo (33 days)
-Month of Sontev (33 days)
Season of Water – (April, May, June irl)
-Month of Beya (33 days)
-Month of Biya/Biya’mia (33 days)
-Month of Ailtwa (33 days)
Season of Fire (July, August, September irl)
-Month of Aztria (33 days)
-Month of Jua/Jua’yeusi (33 days)
-Month of Vidi (33 days)
Season of Wind (October, November, December)
-Month of Fliqor (33 days)
-Month of Haiz/Haiz’lunak (33 days)
-Month of Zubo (33 days)

Each month is broken down in the following way.

1st – Day of Va Risini Suna – This day stands apart from the rest, to begin the month. Across the region, this day is often used for new businesses and similar things to open on.
2nd – Day of Sanda
3rd – Day of Ratera
4th – Day of Rinda
5th – Day of Lakye
6th – Day of Rivera
7th – Day of Sanda
8th – Day of Ratera
9th – Day of Rinda
10th – Day of Lakye
11th – Day of Rivera
12th – Day of Sanda
13th – Day of Ratera
14th – Day of Rinda
15th – Day of Lakye
16th – Day of Rivera
17th – Day of Va Higik Moona – This day stands apart from the rest, indicating the middle of the month. This is often considered a day of servitude. On this day, many businesses will provide services and goods either for free or at greatly discounted prices. Additionally, its the day when Oasis Senators open their doors to communal forums for their constituents.
18th – Day of Sanda
19th – Day of Ratera
20th – Day of Rinda
21st – Day of Lakye
22nd – Day of Rivera
23rd – Day of Sanda
24th – Day of Ratera
25th – Day of Rinda
26th – Day of Lakye
27th – Day of Rivera
28th – Day of Sanda
29th – Day of Ratera
30th – Day of Rinda
31st – Day of Lakye
32nd – Day of Rivera
33rd – Day of Va Fallini Stara – This day stands apart from the rest, indicating the end of the month. On this day, many across the region shut down their businesses, taking a day for rest.

Master Timeline

6021 – Current year
5913 – Humans were discovered in a cave under the Barrens
5850 – Oasis forces reconquered the Outlying Settlements after hiring mercenaries from the Nomadic Clans, the neutrality agreement with the Nomadic Clans and Tribes begins. 
4200-5700 – Owasiwa is in an era of relative peace.
4118 – Oasis forces get ousted from the Outlying Settlements, who hired mercenaries from the Nomadic Clans to aid them.
3342 – Oasis forces begin attacking the Outlying Settlements, conquering them one by one.
2152-3000 – The majority of the Outlying Settlements begin being founded, opening up new trade sources in the region.
2021 – The Thousand Years War formally ends with both sides agreeing on formal boundaries with one another. 
812 – Under the leadership of Iyo, Nomadic forces free the captured Behemoths who lay waste to much of Oasis on their way out, triggering the Thousand Years War.
743 – Under the leadership of (name for mage member of The Three), Oasis forces begin capturing and/or killing Behemoths all through Owasiwa. 
0 – The Three defeated the The Lost One that was corrupting the water of the oasis, and founded Oasis.

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