To many, the Inner Districts are Oasis’ true pride and joy, the real pinnacle of all of Oasis’ achievements. The Inner Districts are a place of wealth and prestige, experimentation and pursuit, beauty and creation. The brightest minds in all of Oasis always end up in the Inner Districts, one way or another. The Inner Districts are where nearly all of the technology and magicraft of Oasis is invented, experimented upon, and produced. Nearly every person in the Inner District is somehow associated with one of the many workshops. Living here is a comfortable life, free from poverty and most hardships. However, without these particular hardships, the people here strive in fierce intellectual competitions with one another. Those here seek to further magicraft far beyond anything ever known, and every day, the boundaries of what is possible get surpassed.

Geography, Layout, and Architecture
The Inner Districts sit on a very gentle grade of stone, unlike the slopes of the Outer Districts. Due to this lower grade of slope, the Inner District does not receive the special interpretation of the Law of Water that protects the view of Lake Aila. As such, the buildings here, especially the schools and workshops, often compete for height and size and beauty with one another, in an effort to both show off their achievements and attract the best, new recruits. Here, the homes are largely fashioned as a row-style homes, often sharing at least one wall with a neighbor.

The buildings here are not just built of stone, but of any wide array of materials as a method of showcasing the skills of the various craftsmen. Homes built of glass, gemstone, rare and precious metals, even wood are common. If there’s one thing that’s true about the nature of the Inner Districts is that its anything but homogenous. Every portion of it is meant to be unique, and the absolute best in all facets.

There are 6 distinct districts, separated by the roads that spiral out of Oasis in a spoke-wheel pattern. Each section is contained between the roads, but the roads are not a part of them, being property of the Senate. Each section is then split up into various neighborhoods as determined by the various cultural aspects

Governance and Laws
Each of the 6 Inner Districts maintains its own District Government, which can be as wide and varied as the people living there wish them to be, so long as each district produces 3 officially elected Senators, and the District Government creates no laws that go against the Law of Water, the Law of Road, and the Law of Senate, which are the primary governing laws of Oasis and the land at large.

The Law of Water states that no being may be denied access to water. In the case of the Inner Districts, this means that people of the Inner Districts are free to access the waters of Lake Aila and Lapis River. Due to the nature of industry within the Inner Districts, it has also been determined that contamination of water, air, and soil of Oasis runs afoul of the Law of Water. Workshops and industries are required to prevent contamination and pollution. Additionally, water access is a utility, and as such, every home and business has been provided with plumbing utilities, powered by water crystals that were filled within Lake Aila or the Lapis River.

The Law of Road states that while on one of the officially maintained roads built by Oasis, no Oasis citizen is to be harmed or deprived in any fashion. And Oasis citizens are those that live within the boundaries of the roads. This grants citizenship, and thus protection, to any who live within the Central Districts, Sky Island Districts, Inner Districts, and Outer Districts.

What this ultimately means is that those living within the Outer Districts are official citizens of Oasis and are thus inherently, intrinsically, and instantly given the protections of the city. It also means that within the bounds of the Outer Districts, a citizen of Oasis has full protection.

As such, when a person is born or moves into the Outer District, they are required acquire some form of Personal Identity Crystal (PIC). These come in many forms, based on personal preference, availability, etc. Some are in the form of crystalline jewelry, some are embedded into the flesh/bodies of the people, others in the form of tattoos. Regardless of how the PIC is acquired, the possession of one is required for many aspects of Oasis life. Possession of someone else’s PIC is a capital offense under the Law of Road.

The PIC provides identity information, allows a citizen to be able to vote, allows for access to the Crystalline Mainframe, and many other invaluable services.

The Law of the Senate states that all official member districts or states of Oasis must provide 3 officially elected Senators who serve terms of 1.5 years. It also states that no member district or state may create any laws or enforced procedures that would contradict the Senate approved interpretations of the Law of Water, the Law of Road, and the Law of Senate.

Cultural Aspects
The Inner Districts are widely diverse in terms of race, but are less tolerant of those who behave barbarically or irrationally. These individuals will often find themselves shunned by all until they cast themselves out. Many within the Inner Districts also struggle to tolerate or accept those that choose tradition over progression, religion and spirituality over science and knowledge. Some of the unifying experiences of citizens of the Outer Districts are as follows.
1) Nearly every person within the Inner Districts has received formal education, the highest education throughout the lands. This means most people here are not only versed in mathematics, sciences, languages, and histories, but have also begun to specialize in an aspect of these, typically in a pursuit of further advancing the field and their position within it.
2) Debate and discussion is considered one of the most important aspects of society within the Inner Districts, and thus skills in such are celebrated. However, emotional outbursts, tantrums, or violence during such things are widely frowned upon and often lead to societal shunning.
3) Most of the inhabitants of the Inner Districts are craftsmen, however, they employ a vast number of service and support personnel from the Outer Districts so that the best minds can focus fully on their crafts. This has, though, led to a pretty stark divide between the craftsmen classes and the service classes. It is notably more difficult for a service class individual to be accepted into employment over even a brand new graduate or apprentice from the craftsmen class.
4) Almost most importantly, boredom and idleness are among the greatest of cultural sins. One should always be busy with either improving themselves, their craft or field, or resting and practicing self-care. Those found consistently falling victim to sloth and apathy will often be aggressively run out of the district to make room for someone else.

Technology, Magic, and Magicraft
While the mundane technology of the Inner Districts is the highest in the entirety of the city, it still pales in comparison to the technological levels of the various, specialized Outlying Territories. This is largely due to Oasis technology being heavily reliant upon magic, crystals, and the like.

And within the Inner Districts, everything is magitech. This is because each and every workshop is vying for the next, big thing, to receive contracts from the Central and Sky Districts or from the Senate itself. A few of the most well known and common magitechs is the Public Door. The main entrance of every business, service, and home within the Inner District is a Public Door. This allows anyone with a Personal Identity Crystal (PIC) to activate any of these Public Doors’ portals, and travel to any other of their choosing. This can be done with simply a thought and is a free service. It is usually instant unless the landing area of the desired exit portal is impeded. The Public Door portal will always deposit a person on the outside of the exit doorway. They also create a phase field on the backside of the portal, so if the doorway opens or someone steps through, they will walk right through the portal rather than into it.

Water is handled entirely by crystals, in sophisticated arrays, providing an onslaught of customization in terms of heat, pressure, angle, spacing, etc. Nearly every house has a portal toilet as well, which teleports the waste material out to the Heaps of one of the Farm Districts.

Other methods of transportation include crystal powered bicycles, skateboards, boots to give greater boosts to running and jumping, various flight gadgets, even floating carpets that have crystals threaded into them.

And thanks to the paranoia of many of the finest scientists and craftsmen, the Inner Districts have the most advanced magitech security in the entire region. Magic repellant paints, dead man’s portals, and many wide array of booby traps are typically active in a building if none of the registered members of that building are in it.

Personal magic is incredibly common in the Inner Districts, however, the majority of the practitioners, and certainly the best of them, tend to be citizens from the Outer Districts that have been hired on.

Food is wide and varied within the Inner Districts. Being an adventurous sort of people, they’ve happily accepted every known and new type of cuisine, and most culinary advancements are made in the kitchens and restaurants of the districts. The best chefs and cooks in the region work primarily in the Inner Districts and only occasionally do some work in the wealthier regions. This has caused the Farm Districts to provide the absolute best of their produce to the Inner Districts at a minimal price. As such, the Inner Districts has the widest assortment of food, the highest quality, at the cheapest prices.

Education is considered the most important aspect of life in the Inner Districts. As such, it is provided for free, at all levels, to all citizens of the Inner Districts. They have educational daycares for children from the day they are born until their fifth year (or equivalent for certain races), at which time they enter one of the many public schools. These schools are funded entirely by the workshops of the neighborhoods they are in, so it is often competitive to make them as good as possible. These schools provide a curriculum specific to each individual child, their rate of growth, their aptitudes and desires. Upon achieving adulthood, particularly gifted children may be taken on as apprentices in workshops, while others will go on to an Academy of their choice. Each Academy is specific to a single field of study, and there is an Academy for every field. The workshops within each field are expected to fund the Academy for that field, and they almost always do, without question. Those that fail to do so will find that no recruits come knocking on their doors after graduation.

Citizens from other districts may study in the Academies as well, but must either pay the extremely expensive fees to do so, or receive a sponsorship from a workshop’s Master. Non-citizens are refused entirely.

Each Inner District has one larger hospital, and each individual neighborhood typically has one moderately size clinic. And while the Inner District does invite the best medical talent in the city, Oasis’ medical advancements still lag greatly behind both the mundane advances of the Outlying Territories or the spiritual healing provided by the nomadic Envoys. No known magic is able to heal wounds. That, coupled with the safe and comfortable life of many within the wealthiest districts of Oasis, very few bother to go into medicine, and very little funds get allotted for them.