“We are clearly the most superior race in Owasiwa. And we are also alone in that thinking.” ~Bob the Human


Humans appeared around one hundred years ago in the year 5913, when a water mining crew broke through the hardpan in the Barrens, and discovered a massive cave system. Inside were people, sickly pale skin, fair eyes, scattering away from the sunlight streaming in like rats. They were disgusting creatures, clearly not having spent a day under the warmth of the Sun Mother. But they were plentiful and seemed quick enough to learn our language, albeit with the coercion of our spears. It was learned that they called themselves Humans. Their stories that they shared spoke of them having lived in a distant land many generations ago, but knew not how they came to be trapped in this cavern of theirs. They held no religion, had weak, basic forms of magic, and knew nothing of the Behemoths the Nomads worship. Those who wished to leave the caverns did so and they were escorted back to the capital to join those in the Fringes, where they began to assimilate into the Oasis culture. But the poor, pale creatures are still struggling to adapt to a world with so much sunlight, so their pale skins often force them to take work at night or indoors. Pitiful things, many think it may have been best to have never discovered them nor their caves.

Physical Appearance

Most humans, male and female, range from 5 feet to 6.5 feet in height at maturity. When they were first discovered, they were all pale skinned, pale haired, pale eyes, but as they’ve grown more accustomed to life in the sands, they’ve begun adapting to come in darker hues of skin, eyes, and hair. Being new to Oasis, most of them are still impoverished, often living in shacks in the Fringes and wearing old, stained and torn rags. 


Humans are still often viewed as a lesser than species. A disgusting though interesting novelty, whose numbers are far smaller than the majority of the other races in Owasiwa. While humans in Oasis are protected by the law as many others, blind eyes are often turned away from them and persecution of them is not unheard of. Many of the humans are still trying to find acceptance and belonging into the culture, and often try to do whatever is needed to achieve that. Still, many others simply wish to be left alone, to try and build a more comfortable life in this new land of plenty.


Humans come in two sexes typically, though not exclusively, and reproduce through paired mating of one male and one female, with the female carrying the child(ren) for 9 months. It has been discovered that humans seem able to reproduce with every race in Owasiwa to create fertile hybrids. These hybrids, regardless of the non-human parent, typically maintain the lifespan and general size and shape limitations of humans, and are simply enhanced to seem more like the non-human parent. 


Humans typically live to their 80s if well fed and cared for, though some can live to be 100 or so.
They mature into adulthood at 18, and reach elderly status around 60. 


Omni-Reproduction – Humans are able to reproduce with any race in Owasiwa to produce hybrids that can also reproduce to produce even more hybrids. 


Cave-Tongue – A language of clicks and wet noises made to communicate in the dangerous caves humans came from.
Common – The language often learned by humans assimilating into Oasis culture.