Sometimes, a writer wishes to bring over a character that they’ve played on a different forum roleplaying site. Historically speaking, this has typically been perceived with denial and hesitancy. At best, people get suggested to remake the character within the context of the new site’s lore. And this makes sense, having characters, races, abilities, items, etc coming over from a place the administration can’t control can potentially cause all sorts of issues. The term game/world breaking would be thrown around.

However, we’re trialing it here. It does come with rules and stipulations, but the idea is that the actual character, not a remake of them, comes to the world of Owasiwa. This is typically done through some sort of magic or portal or supernatural phenomena.

1. You must first build your Character Sheet (CS) on Owasiwa before you can do any In Character (IC) posts. It must be submitted into the CS Review Thread before you can begin.
2. You must translate your skills (if applicable) over to the Skills System used here on Owasiwa.
3. You can choose to either take the 600 Skill Points available to all Starting Player Characters (PCs) or you may enter into “Skill Debt”. This lets you go over the 600 Skill Point threshold, however, for every thread you complete, 1/2 of all points you earn must be paid back toward the debt. You can go into debt of up to 600 Skill Points, totally 1200.
3a. It should be noted that these points cannot go toward a language used in Owasiwa. This is done for the believability of arriving into a new world.
4. Unique abilities will be reviewed with a mod. This is a process in which both the writer and the mod work together to make the abilities work. One major rule of thumb is that any abilities tied to a power source in the previous world, such as tied to a god, would begin to fade/stop working.
5. Race should be listed as either Unique or Outlander, whichever you prefer. The foreign world race won’t be added to the wiki.
6. Racial Abilities should be reviewed in the same process as Rule 4.
7. Items, Companions, Spirits, Familiars, etc will undergo the same process as Rule 4.
8. Your first IC thread will be with a mod. This can be done either in the past or in a current timed thread. It does not need to be finished to start other threads. This thread should also be the arrival of your PC.
9. You cannot do new threads in Owasiwa prior to the arrival of your PC in the world.