What is Magic?
Magic goes by many different names across many different cultures; ether/aether, mana, etc. Magic is the energy that holds forms and holds the Dream Realm and the Magic Realms together. It is also the energy that binds together all of the non-living material within the Living Realm and Spirit Realm. It is generated in both of those realms, though in much greater amounts within the Magic Realm. Magical Energy permeates all realms naturally, save for the Soul Realm.

Concepts of Magic
Magic touches all things that are not protected by a soul, that is all matter and physics that are not alive or otherwise empowered, and thus protected, by a soul. Magic is widely spread among specific subsets of naturally occurring concepts. Physical matter magical concepts includes things like Metals, Stones, Air. Energy magical concepts includes things like Sunlight, Sound, Gravity, etc. Other concepts include Darkness, Void, Time, etc.

Link to List of Approved Magic Concepts

Mages are beings with souls that have gained access to magic. Magic can be obtained through an a seemingly infinite variety of methods. Some mages have unlocked their magic through heavy meditation and study in the magical concept. Others still have had a traumatic event where the concept held a powerful symbolism. Some mages were given their magic by a teacher, a gift given to those the teacher feels deserve it. Some have had their magic forced upon them by a mage, or even an elemental spirit. Mages can be born, if one of their parents was also a mage, passing down the magical concept.
Magic is bound to the body of the mage, but not the soul. So, typically, if a mage dies, and reverts to a soul, they will lose their magics. However, this is not always the case, though is extremely rare. It has been noted that ghosts have wielded magic, and many mages have become Elemental Spirits, and in the rarest of cases, a person may be born or Spawned with magic that was not passed down by a parent.

Mages come with a wide variety of abilities. Some of these are universal in all mages, and some are unique to each individual mage.

Universal Abilities
Magic Realm Access – The Mage forms a bond with the Magical Realm that aligns with their concept, i.e. a Fire Mage gains access to the Magical Realm of Fire. This bond is what gives them both control over the concept of Fire as well as access to large amounts of Magical Energy.
Additionally, the mage is able to cross over into the Magic Realm of their Concept. This allows the mage to cross to and from the specific Magic Realm with the ease of breathing. The specific method or ritual for crossing may vary from mage to mage, but it tends to be simplistic for them. The mage can bring others into the Magic Realm, but this functions differently than if they bring themselves alone. To bring others, the mage must spend a moderate amount of Magical Energy in order to rip open the fabric between any realm and the Magic Realm. The more energy spent, the larger a tear the mage can open. However, these tears are two way doors, so while they can use it to bring the others in, it can also allow magical spirits, phenomena, and wild magic to escape.

Magical Sense – The mage has the ability to detect their concept within range of their biological senses, even if their senses are stifled or hindered otherwise.

Manipulate – Within the range of their Magical Sense, the mage is able to control, shape, and move their magic’s concept, so long as that concept is not protected by a soul nor is being manipulated by another mage.

Create – Within one half the range of their Magical Sense, the mage is able to conjure their concept from nothing. This ability is much more costly than simply manipulating existing concept. However, once this concept is Created, it can be Manipulated or otherwise used as any other. It does not fade from existence and is otherwise just as real as the naturally existing versions.

Imbue – Enchant a non-living object with one of the mage’s Unique Abilities. This will cost about twice the ability’s original cost. For thrice the cost, activation/deactivation and other basic commands may be added.

Dreamwalking – Mages are able to break free of the binding tethers of the Dream Realm. While others are mere echoes of themselves in the realm, stuck in whatever fantasy their non-waking mind conjures up, mages hold no such boundary. Whereas the minds of non-mages are by default set to Echoing, mages are default to Dreamwalking. While Dreamwalking, the mage is entirely awake and aware, and is physically within the Dream Realm, while simultaneously physically asleep in the Living Realm. It is believed this is achieved by the mage’s concept(s) forming a mimicking body within the Dream Realm to house the mind, but much of this has not been confirmed. What is known is that knowledge acquired and physical changes to the mage’s body that occur in the Dream Realm are maintained when the mage wakes up. (This section will probably need to be its own article as well)

Unique Abilities
Mages can earn and unlock personalized abilities as they progress their magic. The Magic will progress and function like a Skill, and should be represented in the Character Sheet as “Magic (Concept)” along with its current skill level and competency. Ex. Magic (Crystalline Stones): 76/100 Expert

Each competency tier of a magic grants a new number of abilities. These abilities should be considered as stand alone abilities and do not get need to be designed at differing power levels in the progression. Rather, all the abilities should be complete, and balanced as such, from the onset. So the abilities earned at Novice should be just as “functional and powerful” as the abilities earned at Master. It should be noted that you are not required to fill out all of your abilities at the onset or at level up and can develop them through your writing.

Competency Advancement of Abilities
Novice (1-25) +2 Abilities = 2 Total
Competent (26-50)+3 Abilities = 5 Total
Adept (51-75) +5 Abilities = 10 Total
Expert (76-99) +8 Abilities = 18 Total
Master (100) +15 Abilities = 33 Total

Link to List of Approved Magical Abilities