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Languages Guide

Owasiwa has many, many languages across the region. This is due to the many small cultures that developed and the many various races that have spawned into existence. Language barriers are quite common, particularly when traveling. Oasis city does have Common Tongue as a language, but it is almost exclusively used within the city. Outside of the city, nearly every nomadic tribe and wild village will have one or more languages of their own. Every Outlying Settlement most likely has a few unique languages as well.

Language Learning and Advancement
Starting with Languages – A PC starts with 600 skill points that can be used how they see fit between Skills, Languages, Magic, and Boons. There is no limit to how many languages one may start with, nor is there a limit to how many points one may put into an individual language.
Learning new languages – Any new languages learned after character creation should have some showing IC of how the character went about learning it. This doesn’t have to be extremely in depth, but there should be some details on it, just for ease of clarification purposes.
Advancement – Languages advance in the same way as Skills, Magic, and Boons. However, Languages get no particular Abilities or Limit Breaks.

Novice – Might know a few basic words and phrases, but certainly cannot maintain a conversation.
Competent – Better with phrases, can hear/read more, and can communicate somewhat passably, but still struggles.
Adept – Should be able to communicate fully with fluent speakers, however, may be lacking in some specific words, nuance, and dialect.
Expert – Considered fluent, typically only struggles with specific dialects beyond the one they started with.
Master – Able to communicate fully, in all dialects that they’ve come in contact with. Skilled enough that even native speakers shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them and another native.


A shared language used by Stone Bones across their many villages.


The native tongue of Suntouched. Nearly all Suntouched will refuse to speak Sunspeak to non-Suntouched, and they will often only speak Sunspeak to Suntouched.


A clicking and croaking language spoken by nearly all Yaxaas.

Human Cave-Tongue

A language of clicks and wet noises made to communicate in the dangerous caves humans came from.

Common (Tongue)

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