What is an Envoy?
An Envoy is a chosen representative of a Behemoth, one who has been given a Boon. A Boon is a piece of the Behemoth’s power, one that forms a permanent connection with the great being. Behemoths are particular about giving out these powers, as they function as pieces of the whole being. If a Behemoth were to give out too many Boons, they themselves would become too weak to defend their dependents and risk becoming destroyed. There is no limit to the number of Boons from differing Behemoths a being may have. Iyo of the Three, carried the powers of all the Behemoths in the fight against the Lost One. It should be noted that the mixing of Boons and Magic is what is believed to have led to the corruption of the Lost One, and has been seen sporadically in others since. However, it has been unreliably seen and recorded and it is not clear specifically what causes corruption.

Envoys do not come with expectations or responsibilities from a Behemoth. Rather, they are chosen for a wide variety of reasons, but almost always it is because the Behemoth saw something in the individual that might lead to maintaining the balance of the Behemoth’s dependents, as that is the purpose of all Behemoths’ existence.

Envoys come with a wide variety of abilities. Some of these are universal in all Envoys, and some are unique to each individual Envoy.

Universal Abilities
These abilities are granted to all Envoys the moment they are given their Boon.

Behemoth Access – The Envoy has a permanently open connection with their Behemoth. This does not seem to be able to be severed or shut off, by either Envoy or Behemoth. This connection allows for ease of communication, but potentially more significantly, it grants the Envoy access to the Behemoth’s vast ocean of Spiritual Energy. This Spiritual Energy is what powers all of the Envoys other abilities, unless otherwise stated.

Spiritual Crossing – The Envoy has gained access to the Spirit Realm. This allows the Envoy to cross to and from the Spirit Realm with the ease of breathing. The specific method or ritual for crossing may vary from Envoy to Envoy, but it tends to be simplistic for them. The Envoy can bring others into the Spirit Realm, but this functions differently than if they bring themselves alone. To bring others, the Envoy must spend a moderate amount of Spiritual Energy in order to rip open the fabric between the Living Realm and the Spirit Realm. The more energy spent, the larger a tear the Envoy can open. However, these tears are two way doors, so while they can use it to bring the living in, it can also allow spirits and ghosts to escape.

Spiritual Awakening – The Envoy is also able to detect spirits and ghosts who have crossed over into the Living Realm. This ability functions as an extension of the normal senses the Envoy maintains, and is thus limited by their range. But an Envoy can almost always detect spirits and ghosts, even if they try to hide within a living being.

Additionally, the Envoy is able to detect the dependents of the Behemoth in this same range. This means the representative species, spawned races, or other Envoys of the same Behemoth. This can extend to similar species, but at a diminished effect.

Spiritual Tongue – The Envoy gains the ability to always communicate directly with a ghost or spirit. This is not the learning of a language, but instead functions more like a direct psychic link, bypassing the need for language.
Additionally, the Envoy is able to always physically communicate in the language of the representative species of their Behemoth. This allows the Envoy to speak both verbally, through body language, or any other necessary means with the representative species. This does not automatically grant the Language of the species, just the ability to physically communicate in it.

Unique Abilities
Envoys can earn and unlock personalized abilities as they progress their Boon. The Boon will progress and function like a Skill, and should be represented in the Character Sheet as “Boon (Behemoth Name)” along with its current skill level and competency. Ex. Boon (Jafki): 76/100 Expert

Each competency tier of a boon grants a new number of abilities. These abilities should be considered as stand alone abilities and do not get need to be designed at differing power levels in the progression. Rather, all the abilities should be complete, and balanced as such, from the onset. So the abilities earned at Novice should be just as “functional and powerful” as the abilities earned at Master. It should be noted that you are not required to fill out all of your abilities at the onset or at level up and can develop them through your writing.

Competency Advancement of Abilities
Novice (1-25) +2 Abilities = 2 Total
Competent (26-50)+3 Abilities = 5 Total
Adept (51-75) +5 Abilities = 10 Total
Expert (76-99) +8 Abilities = 18 Total
Master (100) +15 Abilities = 33 Total

List of Approved Boon Abilities