What is a Behemoth?
A behemoth is a powerful, massive being that is representative of a particular species of living creature, and serves as a pseudo-deity for them. Behemoths are not traditional, living beings, for they lack a soul of their own. They are rather, an accumulation of Spiritual Energies from their species that has been guided by the species’ collective consciousness to form a physical representation. This physical representation is always a near likeness to the species the Behemoth represents.

Behemoths have all of the typical physical, mental, and unique traits and abilities of the species they represent. Additionally, they have many traits or abilities far beyond those they represent.

Abilities of All Behemoths
Speciose Omnipotence – The Behemoth knows all information that all of its represented species, spawned races, and Envoys knows.
Spiritual Permanence – The Behemoth exists simultaneously and wholly in both the Living Realm and the Spirit Realm.
Spiritual Siphon – The Behemoth passively taxes all of its represented species, spawned races, and Envoys of Spiritual Energy. It only takes a very small percentage of the Spiritual Energy its representatives absorb from the world, not taking any from the souls.
Boon Bestowment – The Behemoth is able to grant a Boon on a follower. This boon is both a piece of power and a constant, more powerful connection with the Behemoth. This Boon grants the follower many abilities that are shaped by the Behemoth’s species as well as the life of the follower. This Boon draws its Spiritual Energy directly from the Behemoth to power its abilities.

Role of the Behemoth
The Behemoth serves many roles, though its primary responsibility is to preserve the balance of its representative species. Behemoths only exist when its species exists, and if they die out, the Behemoth dies too. Behemoths can, and will, be replaced, but if a species is extinct, it is gone. Behemoths work typically as guides and mentors of the entire species to keep them from both dying out entirely, as well as becoming so overpopulated that they then die out too.
Behemoths rarely take a direct action to protect their species and followers, typically only in the event of the most dangerous and deadly of circumstances. For while Behemoths are among the biggest, and strongest of beings in Owasiwa, they are not exclusive out there. There are Corrupted beings, unique monsters, and of course, people with all their destructive ways that may threaten their kind. The most well known intervention by Behemoths was when they partnered with Iyo of The Three to defeat the Lost One.
The Behemoths also serve to teach the balance of nature and various intricacies they themselves have learned from their representatives and their followers. They will speak directly with their Envoys to teach these lessons, who are then to pass them on.
Finally, Behemoths serve as a large, glowing beacon within the Spiritual Realm. If any soul has ever had an incarnation that was under that Behemoth’s purview, they are always able to find that Behemoth again so as to reincarnate through Conception or Spawning among their various followers.
Behemoths do not directly fight with one another. In some cases when there are large disputes between species, the Behemoths may provide guidance to their followers, but will not involve themselves. It is not unheard of for both Behemoths for competing species to be off to the side, seemingly communicating with one another, while their followers fight.