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Mission Statement of Owasiwa

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My goal is to create a forum that abolishes the divides between players, content creators, and staff. I seek to achieve this by making all who join a part of creating the world through their collaborative writing. I will attempt to develop a system to facilitate this. Additionally, I seek to create a more flexible system to maintain some of the gameplay people know and love from table tops and other Forum RPs, without making it so mechanics intensive that it becomes stressful or less fun to play.

The Divide

I look to facilitate systems so that all members of the community are readily engaged in all facets of this community. This will be reflected in a wide variety of ways, the first of which will be complete transparency between staff and players. Staff discussions will be open and available to all, with the only exception being discussions centered around a potential disciplinary event. Those will be handled privately. This world is to be built for and by the players themselves. As such, players have will have extra privileges, the most impactful of which is the ability to trigger a veto. This veto would be a community wide, anonymous vote that needs to achieve 75% of those who vote in order to veto. The veto can be applied to anything that has been announced, such as new development, proposed reworks, controversial plot outcomes (i.e. Game Breaking), staff onboarding or offboarding, etc. Players are in control of their world here.


I look to learn from my many years of experience across many roleplaying platforms and build systems that are simple and easy to understand, show the character growth that many people love from these types of forums, all while allowing it to be uniquely customizable and player driven. I look to remove much of the red tape that plagues much of the heavily mechanics intensive forums. To do that, I will focus heavily on overhauling the systems of Skills, Magic, Boons (divinity/marks on other sites), and Economy, as those often tend to be the most contentious areas.

Also, I’m removing the entire concept of knowledges/lores. Entirely unnecessary for a story driven community. 



Magitech, at its core, is the marriage of magic, the energy born from one’s soul, and mundane technology. Magitech is largely centralized, though not exclusive to, the use of magically imbued crystals. These crystals serve as a method of focus, control, and translation for magic. A mage uses their will, creativity, and desire to manipulate their magic to affect the world, at the cost of pushing too far and damaging their bodies and souls. A magitech user does not need to utilize their own magical energy, and the risk that comes with it, but they are limited to the control built into the magitech.


The crystals used in magitech are both naturally existing and created objects. Each crystal is imbued with a single magical concept and cannot hold others. They can be converted to other magical types, but all of the existing magical energy would need to be drained out of them first.

The naturally existing crystals can be found in areas of high concentrations of their existing concepts. For example, Wind Crystals can be found swirling about in the center of tornados and hurricanes, sunlight crystals found during the hottest seasons in the desert, etc. Some are more rare or difficult to find, but all magics have naturally existing crystals. For instance, Gravity Crystals can be found, but they are buried deep, deep into the world.

The magemade crystals can be crafted by a mage of the same concept. The mage must have a Personal Ability dedicated to the creation of the crystal in order to make them. The process is fairly straight forward, the mage focuses on using their Create ability, to summon their concept into existence. The mage condenses and compresses their created concept over and over again, until a crystal is formed. Creating a crystal in this fashion automatically imbues it with the magic’s concept.

Empty Crystals are those with no concept imbued into them. These can be created by Crystal Mages or by draining crystals of all of their imbued energy. Empty Crystals can be imbued by any concept

Overview of Oasiwa

Oasiwa is a world of innovation where magic is infused in technology. In this era of invention, new modes of transportation are being discovered, massive floating islands hover above the land, magic imbued crystals power new inventions, and elementalists experiment with new magical crafts everyday. Magical portals and running water are accessible to the upper class while vast trains and canal systems transport goods to lower classes.

In contrast to the magitech dominating the Oasis City capital, the outlying Nomadic Tribes are a mystical people who are devoted to the great Behemoths connected to both the land and animals. The Behemoths, spiritual and semi-divine beings, serve to keep balance in the land and preserve their unique species. The Nomadic Tribes and many of the Outer Settlements are often mistrustful of magicraft except where absolutely needed for their survival; water mages being one of these rare exceptions.

Oasiwa is home to dozens of intelligent races of mostly bi-pedal humanoids, although some are strange and bizarre beings that look nothing like humans. What Oasiwa knows to be humans are a mere primitive race that was only found to be in existence only a century ago. Most races in Oasiwa share the resemblance of various animals or with the features of the land itself, such as the Stone Bones.

The Gardens (Main)


Geography, Architecture, and Layout

Governance and Laws

Technology, Magicraft, and Magic
Technology – Tier 5
Magicraft – Tier 8
Magic – Tier 5




Finances and Economy

Military and Defense

Central Districts (Main)

Porting Over a Character

Sometimes, a writer wishes to bring over a character that they’ve played on a different forum roleplaying site. Historically speaking, this has typically been perceived with denial and hesitancy. At best, people get suggested to remake the character within the context of the new site’s lore. And this makes sense, having characters, races, abilities, items, etc coming over from a place the administration can’t control can potentially cause all sorts of issues. The term game/world breaking would be thrown around.

However, we’re trialing it here. It does come with rules and stipulations, but the idea is that the actual character, not a remake of them, comes to the world of Owasiwa. This is typically done through some sort of magic or portal or supernatural phenomena.

1. You must first build your Character Sheet (CS) on Owasiwa before you can do any In Character (IC) posts. It must be submitted into the CS Review Thread before you can begin.
2. You must translate your skills (if applicable) over to the Skills System used here on Owasiwa.
3. You can choose to either take the 600 Skill Points available to all Starting Player Characters (PCs) or you may enter into “Skill Debt”. This lets you go over the 600 Skill Point threshold, however, for every thread you complete, 1/2 of all points you earn must be paid back toward the debt. You can go into debt of up to 600 Skill Points, totally 1200.
3a. It should be noted that these points cannot go toward a language used in Owasiwa. This is done for the believability of arriving into a new world.
4. Unique abilities will be reviewed with a mod. This is a process in which both the writer and the mod work together to make the abilities work. One major rule of thumb is that any abilities tied to a power source in the previous world, such as tied to a god, would begin to fade/stop working.
5. Race should be listed as either Unique or Outlander, whichever you prefer. The foreign world race won’t be added to the wiki.
6. Racial Abilities should be reviewed in the same process as Rule 4.
7. Items, Companions, Spirits, Familiars, etc will undergo the same process as Rule 4.
8. Your first IC thread will be with a mod. This can be done either in the past or in a current timed thread. It does not need to be finished to start other threads. This thread should also be the arrival of your PC.
9. You cannot do new threads in Owasiwa prior to the arrival of your PC in the world.


“Hearing a no faced nomad laugh while chewing on leg bone is something you don’t unsee.” Bob the Human

The Skultros are a Spawned Race, born from the Behemoth Luodo. They largely live among their nomadic village, Luodan, and are somewhat rare outside of their home. They are the care takers of the Skull-Jacks, the creatures under the protection of Luodo. Skultros are scavengers largely. They have a co-dependent relationship with the Skull-Jacks, who are predatory hunters.

The Skultros have been around since the beginning of recorded history, like many of the races. Their reputation among the other nomadic tribes is that they are a fun, free people. This was largely born from the fact that the Skultros are incredibly receptive to any offer for food, relaxation, or festivities. And the Skultros themselves would never turn anyone away for festivities they themselves hold.

Their reputation within Oasis, on the other hand, is that they are a pestersome race that thrives on trickery and thievery. This is due to their tendency to scavenge or hunt any Oasis persons who steps off the roads that grant them protection. Skultros use a wide variety of tactics to lure individuals or entire caravans away from the safety of the road so that they can be attacked without invoking the protections of the Law of the Road. And when Skultros visit or live within Oasis, they are often known for assuming things that are not locked up, bolted down, or otherwise protected are fair game for anyone.

Physical Appearance
Skultros are a bipedal, mammalian race. They stand around 4-5 feet tall, with males being on the taller end of that spectrum, females on the shorter end. The most prominent feature of them is the bare skull upon their heads, which many think is simply a mask that is put on them at birth, that they grow into and fuse with. Rather, it is a product of their spawning, and is an inherent part of their anatomy. They have eyes deep within the skull that are highly suited for night and dark vision. They do not have external ears, rather just simple holes hidden beneath the exterior portion of the skull. Their mouth is made of two layers of teeth, the first being the visible, exterior ones making up the skull, followed by the interior layer as well. Their skin is often dark hues of red or brown, and has an extremely tough, dense, leathery feel to it that prevents evaporation.

Skultros are a small, usually tightknit community. They tend to be very protective of their own, their Skull-Jacks, and their Behemoth. However, they are intensely curious beings, and are always watching, learning. They do have a tendency to try and circumvent things such as laws and culturally respected norms, largely outside of the nomadic communities. Being inherently scavengers, they do not regularly waste anything that becomes theirs, and have no qualms about asking, or simply taking, that which they think was disposed of.

Skultros practice traditional mammalian sexual reproduction. Females ovulate predominately in the season of water, giving birth in the season of wind. They give birth to litters, typically 2-6 children at a time.

Skultros are children from 0-13, when they begin to mature sexually. They stop developing mentally and physically around 20, and can live up to around 50 years of age.

Low-Light Vision – Being a predominately nocturnal race, the Skultros are well developed at seeing at night and in low light settings, as easily as others might see in the day. Their day vision is typically unhindered due to the shade on their eyes from their skulls.

Desert Adapted Skin – Thick, leathery skin helps to prevent evaporation of water, and also makes it more difficult for dull blades to pierce them.

Bone Consumption – Being scavengers, Skultros acquire the majority of their nutrition from bones, carapace, shells, hair, and other similar things. While they can eat traditional foods, doing so often leads to mild digestion issues such as gas.



Village of the Skultros

Luodo, the Skull-Jack


“Their kind never creates, never grows. They are takers by nature and forever will be.” Bob the Human

Locusts are one of the races considered to be Beastmen, and are almost universally viewed as a scourge across the sands of Owasiwa. Everyone knows the story of their history, as it is one that has spread wide among the nomadic tribes as cautionary tale. This ravenous, warhungry race was born from the death of their Behemoth, a death they inflicted upon it.

Before Locusts rose to the rank of Beastmen, they were simply wild, insectoid monsters like many others. They were a seasonal predator, showing up to the same areas over a many years cycle, and eat all plant and animal life they could find, before mating and hibernating. Different hives had different cycles and territories, but all answered to their Behemoth, Pikra.

However, as the various peoples of Owasiwa came into existence, and thus occasionally became the prey of the Locusts, it seemed the creatures were growing wiser. They began to use the weapons people used on them, storing them within their hives so the next generations could use them. Generation after generation of raiding the lands caused them to grow stronger and stronger.

But the nomadic tribes and the other Behemoths were not willing to let these beasts grow out of hand. Balance was tipping away from Pikra’s control. The tribes began fighting back managing to destroy all but the final hive where Pikra lived. This was the largest, and most well defended hive of the lot, and the Envoys that came to speak with Pikra, to force them to recognize the natural balance of the world.

Pikra knew their words to be true, and attempted to relay this to the Locusts. However, none of these beasts were Envoys, none of these creatures could be communicated with by anyone else. Upon hearing Pikra telling them to seemingly go against their own very nature, the Locusts took up arms once more, and fought en masse against their own Behemoth. Each Locust in the hive took bite after bite out of their queen until the Behemoth was dead and destroyed.

Normally, when a Behemoth is killed, another is born from the creatures they come from. However, it seemed that the Locusts, via their consumption of their Behemoth, had transcended to the communal sentience, no longer required a Behemoth.

Horrified, the nomadic tribes have long since vowed an eternal war against the Locusts. They’ve managed to keep the Locusts contained to a single, massive colony south of Oasis. However, they’ve never managed to successfully lay siege to the hive which they’ve come to name Oy Pikra, which loosely translates as “Pikra’s Folly”. The hive contains millions of Locusts, and while most are simple drones and no smarter than any typical creature, it has many that are of higher sentience.

Locusts continue to be a relentless threat, on the nomadic tribes, on the outlying territories, on Oasis, particularly on their farms. The Locusts no longer follow predictable patterns of when or where they will raid. Their tactics have shown an increased understanding of military movements. Wherever they raid, they kill or kidnap as many beings as they can, as well as any organic matter and weapons. They have thrown thousands of their kind to capture or kill a hundred. They do not leave behind bodies, not of their own kind nor of enemies, for that would be wasting food.

Physical Appearance
Locusts come in a wide variety, depending on which Brood they are from. They always come with two arms, two legs, a tail, four wings, all heavily insectoid, typically in a desert oriented color scheme. They range in height from about 4 feet to 5.5 feet at a maximum. There is no difference in appearance of male and females.

The vast majority of Locusts do not have the intelligence necessary to be considered as having a psychological profile. These are typically referred to as Drones. They do all of the grunt work necessary, without protest, as deemed by the Royalty within their Brood. However, it seems all of the members of the Royalty have achieved sentience and intelligence. It is commonly believed that these Royals are descendants of the Locusts that ate the most portions of Pikra.

Within each Brood, there is a structured hierarchy, one that is greatly violent and turbulent. Among the Royals, whichever female is considered the strongest and smartest, typically by slaying and eating any rivals, is the Queen. The Queen rules the Brood. The Brood’s primary responsibilities are the protection and feeding of the Queen. The Queen requires incredibly vast amounts of food in order to begin reproducing. She selects from among the male Royals a number of Princes to be her mates. Princes compete for the Queen’s time so as to produce more heirs and grow their own forces within the Brood. This leads to an incredibly cut throat, backstabbing political society within Oy Pikra, to which only the victor has any real power.

Once a Queen has mated through sexual reproduction, her body grows and distorts to roughly a hundred times its normal size, a massive beast, as she fills with eggs. Once the eggs are ready, she will lay them within her chambers.

The eggs hatch after 1 season from being laid, creating small grubs. These grubs are cared for by the lesser female Royals. After a year, they go through a cocoon based metamorphosis to become the proper Locust shape. From there, they take another year to achieve full maturity. Drone Locusts live to around 4-5 years. Royals typically make it to about 10 years. Due to the strain from laying so many eggs, Queens rarely last more than 2 years of egg laying.

Flight – Able to fly long distances without stopping.
Organic Consumption – Can eat any organic material safely.

Only the Royals speak, Drones receive their orders via pheromones.

L’kustia – A language largely made of insectoid clicking is the language the Royals use amongst themselves.

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